Oil and wax remover paste


PROPERTIES: A special product with a paste consistency, used for removing wax-coated and oily surfaces from natural and artificial stones, plaster, cement screed, concrete, wood and gypsum. The paste removes new and old oil stains, waxes, as well as bituminous coatings and tar stains. For indoor and outdoor use on both walls and floors. The paste is ready for use. It does not damage the cleaned surface.

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply the product on the grimed surface and rub it in with a scrubbing brush. For a difficult-to-remove dirt, apply two coats of the product 0.5-1cm thick and leave it to dry for 4-6 hours. After drying, sweep or brush it away and dust off. Use a sponge or cloth for wax stains removal. When it dries, dust off and wash it with warm water and detergent. We recommend to mechanically remove thicker layers of wax or oil and bituminous stains. For difficult grime, repeat the procedure.

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