Marble and stone protector

Hydrophobic and oleophobic

Technical card


PROPERTIES: A long-lasting product for natural stone conservation and protection. It leaves the surface hydrophobic and oleophobic, protecting it from dirt, penetration of moisture, grease and oil, residues, etc. The hydrophobic qualities protect against harmful atmospheric agents, for instance, acid rain. It intensifies colours and improves the appearance of marble and other stones. For indoor and outdoor use. It contains organic solvents.

INSTRUCTIONS: The surface for impregnation must be dry, dusted and free of any traces of calcium and cement residues. Depending on the type of dirt, it is best to use one of the cleaning agents made by Renove. Follow the directions carefully and try it in a less-visible place first. Apply the product evenly with a sponge or a soft cloth. We recommend to apply two layers with 2 hours between coats. Apply on a smaller section of the surface to ensure that the excess can be spread before drying. Any excess that is left should be removed with a dry cloth. The full protection efficacy is achieved after 24-48 hours. For regular care of the impregnated surface, use the marble cleaning agent by Renove.

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