Gres tiles impregnator hydrophobic


PROPERTIES: Well penetrating, for protecting and preserving surfaces made of gres. It protects from moisture and dirt penetration. Gently intensifies gres tile colour, and makes the surface easier to clean up afterwards. It does not contain solvents. For outdoor and indoor use. The product is ready for use.

INSTRUCTIONS: The surface for impregnation must be dry, dusted and free of any traces of calcium and cement residues. Depending on the type of dirt, it is best to use one of the cleaning agents made by Renove. Follow the directions carefully and try it in a less-visible place first. Apply the product evenly with a sponge or a soft cloth. We recommend to apply two layers with 2 hours between coats. Apply on a smaller section of the surface to ensure that the excess can be spread before drying. Any waste should be removed with a dry cloth. The full protection efficacy is achieved after 24-48 hours. For regular care of the impregnated surface, use the gres tile cleaning agent by Renove.

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