Clinker protector


PROPERTIES: The clinker impregnator effectively protects the surface from water penetration, dirt and efflorescence (white staining). The product subtly intensifies colour of the impregnated surface. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. For indoor and outdoor use. It perfectly protects clinker surfaces, including clinker exterior panels, clinker brick walls (both silicate and burnt), as well as other clinker-based products: concrete, roof tiles, terracotta, cobblestone and unglazed ceramic tiles. It does not contain solvents.

INSTRUCTIONS: The surface for impregnation must be dry, degreased and dusted. Use the clinker cleaning agent by Renove to remove dirt. Apply the product evenly with a brush or spray. Depending on the absorbency of the surface, apply one or more layers of the product if necessary. Any excess left on the surface should be removed before it dries out.

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