Clinker and elevation cleaner


PROPERTIES: A special clinker cleaning agent, designed to remove dirt, cement smears, white efflorescence, mould, fungi and algae The product effectively removes dirt from clinker bricks (both silicate and burnt), clinker exterior panels, as well as other clinker-based products: concrete, roof tiles, terracotta, cobblestone and unglazed ceramic tiles. For indoor and outdoor use. Do not use on non-acid resistant surfaces, such as sand-lime bricks.

INSTRUCTIONS: Before use, any porous surfaces should be moistened with water. Depending on the degree of dirtiness, the cleaning agent should be diluted in a ratio of 1:1, 1:3, 1:5 using water. For difficult grime, use the cleaning agent in undiluted form. Apply the product on the dirty surface and leave it for a while. Scrub thoroughly with a brush. For difficult grime, repeat the procedure. For indoor use, clean the remaining dirt using damp sponge or cloth. The cleaned outdoor surfaces, like walls, posts, facades or terrace, should be carefully rinsed with water. For protection against moisture, dirt, stains and white efflorescence, we recommend the clinker impregnator by Renove.

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